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A Poem for Isa

A Poem for Isa

How could we not know
You were in so much pain?
You smiled and laughed
And danced in the rain.
If only I had known
How deep your sadness ran.
I would have held you and helped you
And developed a plan.
But no one told us and we
Missed all the signs.
You hid your agony and seemed
Totally fine.
One day you were here
And Now you are gone
There’s a huge empty space
We must try to go on.
I can’t picture my life
Without you, sweet girl.
I’m lonely and sad
And beginning to unfurl.
But the sun shone today
And I noticed it too.
I looked up and noticed the sky
was so blue.
If I can still see beauty and peace
Then maybe someday
My pain will decrease.
I’ll honor your life
By living mine right.
And helping others
And sharing your light

By Tina Kranz for my precious daughter

Through suffering and loss
Comes wisdom and strength.


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